Valentine Week List 2018 - Happy Valentines Day Dates Schedule sms images wishes quotes

Valentine Week List 2018 - Happy Valentines Day Dates Schedule sms images wishes quotes

Why St. Valentine Is the Patron Saint of Love

Why St. Valentine Is the Patron Saint of Love-: Saint Valentine is the consumer saint of love. Believers say God worked through his life to perform miracles and teach people how to acknowledge and experience true love.

This famous saint, an Italian doctor who later became a priest, inspired the creation of the Valentine’s getaway. He was sent to jail for performing wedding events for couples during a time when new partnerships were outlawed in the ancient Rome.

Before this individual was killed for declining to renounce his trust, he sent a caring note to a kid this individual had been helping to teach, the daughter of his jailer, and that note eventually led to the tradition of mailing Valentine’s cards.


Birth year unknown, died 270 AD in Italy

Feast Day

February 14th

Patron Saint Of

Love, marriages, engagements, young people, greetings, travelers, bee keepers, people with epilepsy, and numerous churches

Famous Miracles of Saint Valentine

Essentially the most well known magic attributed to Saint Valentines involved a note that he sent to a young blind girl known as Julia who Valentine experienced befriended. Shortly before this individual was martyred for his faith in Jesus Christ, Valentine wrote Julia a farewell note. Believers say that God miraculously treated Julia of her loss of sight so that she could personally read Valentine’s notice, rather than have someone else read it to her.

Valentine signed Julia’s note “From your Valentines, ” and that adoring note, combined with the memory of Valentine’s support of engaged and committed couples in his work as a priest, led pre lit to the tradition of sending loving messages on his feast day, Valentines day.

Throughout the years since Valentine died, people have prayed for him to intercede on their behalf before The almighty in heaven about their romantic lives. Numerous lovers have reported experiencing amazing improvements in their associations with boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses after praying for help from Saint Valentines to love their loving partners in the way God would like them to put love in action.


Saint Valentine was obviously a Catholic clergyman who had also proved helpful as a doctor. This individual lived in Italy during the third century ADVERTISEMENT and served as a priest in Rome.

Historians don’t know much about Valentine’s early life. They will pick up Valentine’s history after he started out working as a priest. Valentines became famous for getting married to couples who were in love but couldn’t get legally married in The italian capital during the reign of Emperor Claudius II, who outlawed weddings. Claudius desired to recruit lots of men to be troops in his army and thought that marriage would be an obstacle to recruiting new soldiers. This individual also wanted to prevent his existing soldiers from marriage because he thought that marriage would distract them from their work.

When Emperor Claudius uncovered that Valentine was executing weddings, he sent Valentines to jail. Valentine used his time in imprisonment to keep to reach away to people with his passion that he said Christ gave him for others.

He befriended his jailer, Asterious, who became so impressed with Valentines day wisdom that he asked Valentine to help his daughter Julia with her lessons. Julia was impaired and needed anyone to read material for her to learn it. Valentines then became friends with Julia through his work with her when your woman came to go to him in jail.

Emperor Claudius also came to like Valentines. He wanted to pardon Valentines and set him free if Valentine would refuse his Christian faith and agree to worship the Roman gods. Not only did Valentine refuse to leave his faith, this individual also encouraged Emperor Claudius to place his trust in Christ. Valentine’s true choices cost him his life. Emperor Claudius was so enraged at Valentines day response that he sentenced Valentine to die.

A Loving Letter Inspires Valentine’s Day Messages

Prior to he was killed, Valentines wrote a last notice to encourage Julia to stay near Jesus and thank her if you are his friend. He signed the note: “From your Valentines. ” That note encouraged people to get started writing their own loving emails to people on Valentines day Feast Day, February fourteenth, which is celebrated on the same day on which Valentine was martyred.

Valentine was beaten, stoned, and beheaded on Feb 14, 270. People who remembered his loving service to many young lovers commenced celebrating his life, and he had become regarded as an or just through whom God acquired worked to help people in miraculous ways. Simply by 496, Pope Gelasius selected February 14th as Valentines day official feast day.

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