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Happy Friendship Day Poems In Hindi English 2017

Happy Friendship Day Poems: The very best Song Devoid of Lyrics Is Friendship The Best Tune Without Geschwindigkeit Is Friendship So Discussing Celebrate The Happy A friendly relationship Day With The Greatest Friendship Day Poems We all Dedicate To Our Ideal Friends And Make This kind of Day A Very Particular And Check Out The Best Happy Friendship Time Poems 2017 On This kind of Happy Friendship Day. Verify Out The Best A friendly relationship Day Poems On This kind of Special Dedicate Your Favourite Poem To Your Greatest Buddies Till Date Yet it will surely End up being Awesome When You Sing out For Them And Give Through Whatsapp So Only Scroll Down And Check Out Our Best Collection On Happy Friendship Day time 2017 Poems To your Friends.

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Happy Friendship Day Poems in Hindi 2017

Happy Friendship Day Poems in Hindi 2017


Ek Din Zindagi Aise Muqam Pe Pohanch Jaye Gi,
Dosti To Sirf Yadon Me Hi Reh Jaye Gi,
Har Mazaak Ki Bat Yad Doston Ki Dilaegi,
Aur Hasty Hasty Phir Ankh Num Ho Jayegi,
Office K Room Me Classroom Nazar Ayegi,
Paisa To Bohat Hoga,
Mgr Usy Lutane Ki Waja Hi Kho Jayegi,
G Ley Khul K Is Pal Ko Mere Dost,
Q K Zindagi In Palon Ko Phir Se Nhi Dohraegi.

***** Friendship Day Hindi Poems *****


Kuch Rishtay Rab Banata Hai,
Kuch Rishtay Log Banatay Hein,
Par Kuch Log Bina Kisi Rishtay K Hi Rishtay Nibhatay Hein,
Shayad Wohi Log “Dost” Kehlate Hein.

***** Hindi Friendship Day Poems 2017 *****


Pyaar To Ek Jhoka Hai Hawa Ka,
Dost To Ek Naam Hai Wafa Ka,
Auron Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Ho,
Humare Liye To Dost Ek Haseen Tohfa Hai Khuda Ka.
A Friend Who’S Always There
Throughout The Years,
A Friend We Know Will Care
And Take Away Our Fears.

***** Friendship Day Poems in Hindi *****


A Friend Who’S Always Near,
Waiting For Our Call,
To Wipe Away Our Tears,
And Lift Us When We Fall.

***** Friendship Day Hindi Poems *****



A Loving Friend Indeed,
On Whom We Can Depend
To Fulfill Our Every Need
Thank You, Precious Friend
Happy Friendship Day!

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Friendship Day 2017 Is Just Four Days Away. Everyone Must Be Doing Preparations For Making Their Friend’S Day Special. We Bring To You Some Of The Best Friendship Day Short Poems. Greet Your Friends With These Friendship Day Short Poems And Make Them Feel Special This Friendship Day 2017.

Happy Friendship Day Poems in English

Happy Friendship Day Poems in English 2017



A Triangle Has 4 End,
Square Has 3 End,
Segment Has 2 End,
But Our Friendship Has No End”
Happy Friendship Day!

***** Friendship Day Poems in English *****

A Smile Is A Cheer From You To Me,
The Cost Is Nothing It’S Given For Free.
They Console The Weary And Gladden The Sad.
And Can Make Someone Happy When They Are Mad.
Unlike Blessings In Which We Pray
It’S The Only Thing You Keep When You Give It Away.
Happy Friendship Day

***** English Friendship Day Poems 2017 *****


Like A Daisy In The Sun,
She’S My Friend She’S No.1,
She Is As Sweet As A Chocolate Bun,
She Still Remembers Shes No.1,
So If You Think Your Feeling Down,
Give A Friend A Call Shell Clean The Frown.
Cause A Friend Is There When The World Spins Round.
Happy Friendship Day

***** Friendship Day Poems in English *****


Best Friends Stick Together Till The End,
They Are Like A Straight Line That Will Not Bend.
They Trust Each Other Forever,
No Matter If You’Re Apart You Are Together.
They Can Be Your Hero And Save The Day,
They Will Never Leave Your Side They Are Here To Stay.
They Help You Up When You Fall,
Your True Friends Are Best Of All.
Happy Friendship Day!

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Friendship Day Sayings


***** Friendship Day Poems 2017 *****


A Friend Is Someone We Turn To,
When Our Spirits Need A Lift.
A Friend Is Someone We Treasure,
For Our Friendship Is A Gift.
A Friend Is Someone Who Fills Our Lives,
With Beauty, Joy And Grace.
And Make The World We Live In,
A Better And Happier Place.
Happy Friendship Day

***** 2017 Happy Friendship Day Poems *****


Friendships Come And Friendships Go
Like Wave Upon The Sand
Like Day And Night
Like Birds In Flight
Like Snowflakes When They Land
But You And I Are Something Else
Our FfriendshipsHere To Stay
Like Weeds And Rocks And Dirty Socks
It Never Goes Away!

***** Best Friendship Day Poems *****


A Best Friend
Is Always There,
Whether You Need Advice,
Or A Pep Talk,
Or Even A Shoulder To Cry On.
A Best Friend
Listens With Her Heart
And Is Always Honest With You,
Even Though The Truth
May Not Be
What You Want To Hear.
A Best Friend
Knows All Your Secrets,
Understands Your Fears
Shares Your Dreams.
A Best Friend
Never Stops Believing In You
Even If You Give Up
On Yourself.
You Are
That Kind Of Friend
To Me.
And No Matter What Happens,
You Always Will Be.
You Are My Best Friend….
My Forever Friend.

***** Friendship Day Poems in Engilsh *****


A Friend Is A Person
To Laugh And Cry With,
An Inspiration,
Someone Who Lends A Helping Hand,
Though Friends May Not Be Forever,
And They May Not End Up Together,
The Memories Of A True Friendship Will
Last Forever.
A Friend Is Not A Shadow Nor A Servant
But Someone Who Hold
A Piece Of A Person In His Heart.
Someone Who Shares A Smile,
Someone Who Brightens Up Your Day
What Makes A Person A Friend?
Is By Saying Your Love Will Stay.

***** Friendship Day Poems 2017 *****


True Friends Are For Life
Until The End
They’Re More Than Special
They’Re Your Bestest Friends.

***** Friendship Day 2017 Poems *****


They’Re The Ones You Can Go To
When You’Re In Despair
The Ones That’Ll Help You
Even When You Got Gum In Your Hair!

***** 2017 Friendship Day Poems  *****


They’re The Ones Who’Ll Laugh
And Go Laughing With You All Through The Night
The Ones Who’Ll Help You
Help You With All Their Might

***** Friendship Day Poems English 2017 *****


To Have A Good Friend
You Have To Be One
So Be Nice To One Another
So You Can Be Friends Forever
And that’s How To Be The Best Friend You Can Be.

***** Happy Friendship Day Poems Images *****


A Friend Is A Person
To Laugh And Cry With,
An Inspiration,
Someone Who Lends A Helping Hand,
Though Friends May Not Be Forever,
And They May Not End Up Together,
The Memories Of A True Friendship Will
Last Forever.
A Friend Is Not A Shadow Nor A Servant
But Someone Who Hold
A Piece Of A Person In His Heart.
Someone Who Shares A Smile,
Someone Who Brightens Up Your Day
What Makes A Person A Friend?
Is By Saying Your Love Will Stay.

***** Happy Friendship Day 2017 Poems *****


Friends In High School Are Forever Young.
Unchanged, They’Re Where You Always Will Belong.
The Crowd Is Never Gone, The Pleasure Stays,
The Music Of The Moment Always Plays
The Time Remains A Field Of Wistful Grace
To Which You May Return From Anyplace.
Of Course, You May Still Know Them Later On
When You Are Someone Else And Years Have Run;
And You May Love Them Dearly, And They You,
But Time Must Make Their Friendship Something New.
Meanwhile, Flourishing Within Your Heart
There Is A Whole, Of Which You Were A Part:
A Group Of Friends, One In Love And Pain,
In Whom Your Longing Comes Alive Again.

***** Short Friendship Day Poems *****


Just As A Wave Is Lifted By The Shore,
Then Breaks Across The Slowly Rising Sand,
So As I Watch You Weep My Feelings Pour
Across The Wash Of What I Understand.
I Wish I Could Just Take You In My Arms
And All Your Pain Could Melt Into My Chest,
And All The Violence Of Passing Storms
Could Pass Through Me And Finally Come To Rest.
No Words Can Set Things Right Or Presence Lend
A Miracle To Light Your Darkened Way,
But There Is Solace In A Loving Friend
And Comfort In What I Don’T Have To Say.
Whatever Circumstance You Cannot Bear,
Just Turn To Me, And You Will Find Me There.

***** True Friendship Poems *****


Poem On Friendship
The Best Of Friends,
Can Change A Frown,
Into A Smile,
When You Feel Down.

***** Happy Friendship Day Poems 2017 *****


The Best Of Friends,
Will Understand,
Your Little Trials,
And Lend A Hand.

***** English Friendship Day Poems *****


The Best Of Friends,
Will Always Share,
Your Secret Dreams,
Because They Care.

***** Short Friendship Day Poems *****


The Best Of Friends,
Worth More Than Gold,
Give All The Love,
A Heart Can Hold.

***** Friendship Day for Best Friends*****


Friendship Is A Network
That Needs:
No Recharge!
No Charging!
No Roaming!
No Validity!
No Activation!
No Signal Problems!
Just Don’T Switch Off Your Heart !
Happy Friendship Day!

***** English 2017 Friendship Day Poems *****


You’Re A Friend Of Mine
Striking Out?
Well Count Me In
I’M Gonna Stand Right By Your Side Through Thick Or Thin.
Ain’T No Doubt
Gonna Win
A Walk Through Hell Ain’T Bad Compared To Where We’Ve Been.

***** Friendship Day Poems *****


Oh! You Can Depend On Me
Over And Over…
Know That I Intend To Be The One Who Always Makes You Laugh Until You Cry,
And You Can Call On Me Until The Day You Die.

***** Friendship Day Poems Photos *****


We Are Friends
I Got Your Back
You Got Mine,
I’Ll Help You Out
To See You Hurt
To See You Cry
Makes Me Weep
And Wanna Die
And If You Agree
To Never Fight
It Wouldn’T Matter
Who’S Wrong Or Right
If A Broken Heart
Needs A Mend
I’Ll Be Right There
Till The End
If Your Cheeks Are Wet
From Drops Of Tears
Don’T Worry
Let Go Of Your Fears
Hand In Hand
Love Is Sent,
We’Ll Be Friends
Till The End!!!!

***** Heart Touching Friendship Day Poems *****


I Could Skip A Heartbeat, And I Would Survive,
I Could Be In A Car Crash, And Still Be Alive.
The Clouds Could Fall Out Of The Sky,
The Oceans Could Disappear, And All Turn Dry.
Happy Friendship Day

***** Friendship Day 2017 Poems *****


These Things In Life Are All Bad I Know,
But There’S Far Worse Things,
Just Thought You Should Know.

***** Beautiful Poems on Friendship Day *****


Life Would Not Be The Same Without Someone Like You,
You’Re There When I Need You To Help Me Through.
Through The Good Times And Through The Bad,
Be Them Happy, Or Be Them Sad.

***** Short Friendship Day Poems *****


I Don’T Have To Be With You, To Know You’Re There,
We Don’T Have To See Each Other, To Know That We Care.
We Could Be Apart For Years Upon End,
And Still Remain The Best Of Friends.

***** Friendship Day Poems Images*****


Life Goes On, And People Change,
And Through It All, Our Friendship Shall Remain The Same.
That’S Such As A Life, And How Things Come To Be.
Just Thought You Should Know,
How Much You Mean To Me.

***** Short Friendship Day Poems 2017*****


I Still Remember The First Day We Met
We Were Too Shy To Say Much At All
It’S Funny To Think Back To That Time
Because Now We’Re Having A Ball!
Happy Friendship Day 2017

***** Happy Friendship Day Poems in English*****


They Say That True Friendship Is Rare
An Adage That I Believe To Be True
Genuine Friendship Is Something That I Cherish
I Am So Lucky To Have Met You.

***** Happy Friendship Day 2017 Poems *****


Our Bond Is Extremely Special
It Is Unique In Its Own Way
We Have Something Irreplaceable
I Love You More And More Each Day.

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